Got to love a nearly freebie…

13198981_1100711523301063_201156370_o Though my husband and I are still saving every darn penny we can, in order to do something big for our family.. I did splurge some yesterday on mothers day!

I had a khols coupon for 10 dollars off a 10 dollar purchase. I spent some time browsing the store trying to find something useful for the house and/or my girls. I wasn’t having much luck.

The kids had to potty and over by the restrooms were a few yellow dot/ clearance sections. Among those racks I found a few cute items: a st patricks day table cloth and a glass football serving platter! So for roughly a dollar and some change out of pocket… I got these. Well actually, hubby did. I had to take kids back to use the restroom again since now they really had to go!

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