Got to love a challenge!

I’ve been playing what feels like a lot of cards lately! The other day I ended up playing a game of solitaire with my daughters. Abigail would pick up a card and tuck it in her shirt then I had to hopefully remember which card was “suppose” to be on the top pile. Olivia would help me sort them into being matching piles regardless of the number order.

Needless to say, I some how managed to win the only game of solitaire we played!

My family has also been enjoying more games of hand and foot! Last night I was really surprised with how determined the guys were at winning. In the first round my sisters boyo was caught with three red threes in his extra hand when the round ended. That was a negative 1,500 points! He was ready to start a new game but we continued. The next round I had three red threes in my hand but lucky for me I was able to get rid of them so it didn’t count against me. ¬†They bridged the point gap and actually won!

It was a really nice challenging game where we literally had to count the points in the last hand to find out which team won the guys or the girls. I love those kinds of games.

The girls also found two mini decks of tiny playing cards. So when the adults were playing cards, the little ones were playing their own game too. Abigail was chatting away a mile a minute each time she turned a card over. I just could not quite figure out exactly what she was saying but every so often I heard what sounded a lot like “me win”.



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