Good news on a rainy day!

Its been raining off and on all morning long. The roads were so horrible getting to the doctors office that we ended up being a little late for Delilah’s appointment.

It was all good news. She even gained 3 oz from her last weight check so She is now 13 lbs 4 oz and in the 5 % for weight. She’s also a smidge over two feet tall. So baby girl is growing!

She will be going to three solid foods/meals a day instead of just the two. I’ll also be skipping fortifying the pumped breast milk. I plan to still pump and save the milk just because. It won’t hurt to have extra for bottles if I need to run to the store or something.

But she will be weighted again in a month and get another shot then too. So if all goes well which I pray it does we got our baby girl on track!

I do plan to start the changes tomorrow. Today she got her vaccines and the flu shot So she’s a little bit sore, grumpy, and wanting extra snuggles.  So no need to rush into things! One day won’t hurt.

I can also let her sleep through the night if she wants. So if she wakes hungry, I will feed her. Otherwise if she’s sleeping I’m not going to wake her. So some more sleep for me!

Right now she’s asleep snuggled with me. I’ve got Abigail looking for all the triangles on a worksheet and my oldest is still in school.

So aside from.poor weather the day has been phenomenal!

I’m looking forward to school being out for the day. I miss having all my girls together and if the rain let’s up it would be nice to hit the gym. I did get the okay to let baby girl be in the gyms daycare for my work outs. 🙂

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