Good Neighbor Day

September 28th is  Good Neighbor Day!

Are you a good neighbor? Do you have a good neighbor?

I think I’m an okay neighbor and have been really blessed wherever I have lived to have amazing neighbors. I remember back in Florida when I was a kid a tornado touched down in my neighborhood while most people were sleeping. A number of awesome neighbors went out in the dark, went through dangerous wreckage, to help those that needed it. This community spirit was felt for a long time after.

Sadly, for some places, people only come together when there is a real crisis. So today, at least to me, seems to be a great reminder that its okay to be a good neighbor every other day of the year too!

Living where I do now, we have an amazing neighbor! They have given surprise gifts to the girls often like a new sandbox, kids picnic table, and are always sharing the extra things from their garden. Its a kindness that is hard to repay back as a simple thank you never seems like enough.  They definitely make the neighborhood feel comfortable and cozy.

Not many people even know their neighbors! So things to do today:

1.  Get to know your neighbor or say hello!

2. Share a treat or baked good!

3. Check out the National Neighborhood Day’s “Ideas for your Gathering” @ for ideas you might do in your neck of the woods.

4.  Paint Kindness rocks to share around your neighborhood!


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