Gold coins out of food?


What foods have you used to make gold coins with? In the past I have cut circles out of cheese slices and made tiny pancakes colored with orange food coloring.  This year I used mandarin orange slices.  I put two with the flat side together to shape a little round circle.

It was served with some home made cinnamon waffles with some random colors added into the mix. Thanks to my tye die shirt experience I was just down to yellow and green colors to use.  🙂 The girls helped add the food coloring to the waffle mix and they “told me” which colors I needed to add to the waffles.

be careful not to over fill them! I did a few times!

The girls enjoyed them! Olivia “ripped” them up to make a mountain out of them.  It made me think of a leprechaun knoll.




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