Girl’s Thanksgiving collage


I know how much my daughters like flipping through magazines and I have been lucky enough to win a few free magazine subscriptions over time. Tonight, I was able to enjoy reusing them once again with my girls for a little pre-thanksgiving project with my daughters.

Its not always easy to share the concept of being thankful with kids and sometimes its easier to put it to pictures and art. So that’s what I did. I asked them to flip through the magazines and take out whatever they like or think is pretty.

So my two year old Abigail and three year old Olivia did that. I joined in and found some real pretty butterflies, peace signs and other things that just caught my eye and made me happy.

Abigail for the most part selected pictures of babies and kids. She also picked out strollers, kids toys, and a few butterflies and flowers. Olivia chose a lot of pretty dresses, a puppy, and “mommies” because every woman in a magazine “is a mom”. There was one extremely beautiful picture of a pregnant woman hugging her daughter that my girls picked out. I loved it because it seemed to have a magical feel in the love and affection.

Thanksgiving should be more about the people than items and I am kind of happy that my daughters seem to really enjoy people and that they chose things like they did over all the adds of make up, etc! Sure my kids also have some food items on there along with painting supplies and stuff. But they are all things my kids do enjoy using and sharing!


Project Costs – 

The project cost us less than a dollar to complete since I used old magazines we already had, glue we already had, and only spent 33 cents on a small poster board at dollar general. To buy the supplies fresh would still be under a dollar 🙂

Other Tips:

But this is a super easy project to help entertain some kids while the parents are busy putting things in and out of hot ovens this thanksgiving! Just be sure to not leave kids unsupervised with scissors!



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