getting some more paint

So while out last night I remembered to check for paint!  So happy I did not get halfway home and realize I didn’t forget the partial reason for going out again! I really hate how distracted I can get when shopping!

So it took me a while to even find the acrylic paint! I will be honest, I didn’t even locate it. After searching the craft area and admiring some new yarn color skeins I asked an associate of the store and they pointed me in the right direction.

So, I grab a white one that I need and ask Livy to pick out a color. She grabs orange! Its crazy since that was the first color she grabbed when I asked her to pick out a color last time ( when making the fathers day project). So I asked her to select another color we didn’t have already at home. She grabbed pink!

So, some painting may be in or future today…



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