Getting ready for the new year!

So there is a lot left to be done today to get ready for the new year! I hope to have everything cleaned up, freshened up, for a nice winter deep clean done today. Because tomorrow I want to do nothing except pick up toys, bake, and celebrate!

That also means I need to finish getting the girls count down to the new year bags completed. I think they really are going to enjoy the surprises in this years set! I’ve been working on it for a few months now by shopping sales and using coupons! This really is such a fun thing to do that doesn’t have to cost very much for anyone interested in doing this for a small group of kids or just their own children or grandchildren.

Like at JC Penny they had a ton of really cute girl tank tops that went on sale for 80% or more off bringing them down to be 2 dollars or less! Add in one of those coupons for 10 dollars off a purchase of 10 or more, your talking for a few pennies a person can easily get some shirts to put in the bags! I got two for this purpose and some other/different ones for the girls Christmas presents.

Plus, people can easily re-purpose items that have gone on clearance for Halloween, thanksgiving, and Christmas. All those holidays tend to have craft sets of some sort that not a lot buy at full price. They can easily be turned around to be used as a base for a new years project for kids to kill some time when waiting for the ball to drop. Mix all the holiday stuff in with some stuff you might have already picked up from Easter and Valentines day and you have a real fun “favorite things that happened this past year” project!

The ideas for these count down bags can be pretty endless… but my favorite thing that I have done every year since starting this tradition is put all the noise makers in one of the final or near final bags! It cuts down on having to hear a bunch of kids blowing horns for 5+ hours straight!

Past Years count down bags…


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