Getting ready for Easter!

Today has been a fun day for Easter things. I got to do a little sneaky shopping (kinda) then later the girls and I  did a few projects!

20170410_185325I thought I was being sneaky to purchase some basket stuff. Abigail was with us but I snuck away to do my thing. She wanted to know what I picked up so badly she and I read the entire receipt together! Yay me for doing a separate purchase! ­čÖé

All the girls and I  spent some time outdoors drawling and coloring in eggs on the road. We likely will add more tomorrow too!

Then this evening we worked on making some paper flowers for Easter decorations. When we are done with them for the holiday the girls want them in their room as decorations. So win-win!

My bunnies and I also looked online for some cute ideas we could do…and plan to work on few tomorrow!


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