Getting caught up!

I am soo behind on scrapbooking! I haven’t really started anything for Abigail! I feel so bad but I have been taking pics and need to go through them and print them! I also need to go through and find any pics I can to finish Livy’s and the family one for 2012!

That means going through my email and seeing what pics I have from taking them with a cell phone, etc! I will be posting them here and trying to backdate posts to the month or day they were taken. Hopefully this helps me plan printings and get caught up! I really want to just get everything in my life back in order and scrapbooking is really one of my favorite things to do, especially when the girls are asleep and I can’t get to bed at night!

Right now the girls just woke up and Livy is ready for snuggle time. <3

My three good things today
1. Jim should have a half day at work.
2. Might see an apartment for rent.
3. Left over hot cocoa cookies Livy and I made last night! Not the healthiest, but better than a beer! Lol


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