Getting better

I’ve really been having a hard time getting around to updating this. A lot has changed and in other parts nothing has changed. 🙁

Delilah was 13 lbs and 11 oz at her last weight check (last Monday) and she gets weighed  again tomorrow (Monday). So fingers crossed she breaks 14 lbs. She turns 7 months old this week and she still hasn’t doubled her birth weight (7 lbs 7 oz). Dr said she may just be a small baby since she’s steadily following the 5% track now that she’s finally gaining.

She’s started meats already and is trying so hard to walk. She can crawl wherever she wants to be which is usually wherever I am at. She doesn’t like being put down at all but she does enjoy play time.

More oftenly than not she grabs her play mat bar to pull herself to standing in the middle of the living room floor. Then after a moment or two she drops on her butt and starts crying since she has no balance. If she’s not doing that she’s trying to inch around on her feet while holding onto the couch or coffee table for support. I just want to glue her baby hands to the floor to keep her from getting up and tumbling back down. It doesn’t seem to matter how much padding I put on the floor with blankets and cushions … She still cries and the head banging just sounds so painful.

I hated this stage with Abigail and Olivia too. I really don’t like the idea of any of my baby girls getting hurt. 🙁

I’m Still struggling with Ppd

Its hard! Diet and excersize just really might not be enough. I’m trying so hard to kick the blues and just be happy. I kinda feel like I’m getting there but there is just this big wall and I ain’t getting over to that paradise of sun shine. I’m stuck standing in the cold shadow hearing the echoes of happiness from the other side.

Most of my real happy times are just spending time with my girls at the gym.

Olivia and Abigail are water sprites like me. So every chance to have free time we are swimming. We took Delilah once. She was not happy nor did She cry. If anything it was just mild amusement. She was snuggled up against my chest the entire time and just layed There and watched. No tears; no smiles. No kicking the hands or feet to make splashes. A part of it I hope was that she was just tired and it was New.

I’m really enjoying coloring time with my girls too.  There really is something to say about how relaxing it is to sit and watch cartoons With my baby girls and just color in mandalas.

Omg chocolate!

I’m dying for some real chocolate. This dairy free diet is painful. I’ve never craved chocolate as much as I have been the past few weeks.

My husband is a life saver. He got me some chocolate soy milk! It’s not as tasty as a homemade twix bar… But this works! I also found some soy based chocolate fudge shortbread cookies… They did not last long in the house…and I most definitely need to do like 100 miles at the gym to make up for eating them!




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