Getting Abigail out of her shell

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAOver the last week or so my family has gone to a number of different Fall or Halloween Festivals, Trunk or Treats, and basically everything and anything that’s holiday and family related!

Its been a pretty busy time but I think last night it all really paid of.

We all went to another Halloween Fair that was at the church down the road from us. We went through and Olivia played all of the games. Abigail, though refused to. She would hold out her bag for candy though and everyone didn’t seem to mind
to give her a piece even if she didn’t play or win any of the free games.

Olivia enjoyed the bounce house and a few times Abigail said she wanted to do it. But then she got scared leaving my husband or I to go in, so she refused.

As the fair was winding down and a lot of people were leaving, the game vendors were encouraging kids to play again and win more even if they played before.

So Olivia didn’t need to be asked to do anything again, she ran up to play. Abigail tagged along next to her sister and then completely shocked me when she asked to play Pumpkin Pong by herself! She played it!


What is Pumpkin Pong? 


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