vintage German steins

I found two of my grandmothers vintage German steins. I don’t really know much about them other than she said she got them as gifts from a loved one who served over in Germany during one of the World Wars. They both are musical beer steins.

The first one plays “o du lieber augustin”. It says “bei spiel und scherz bleibt froh das herz” on it. I used a free translation site* to try and figure out what it means in English. The result said “In the event of play and joke remains glad the heart”. That really didn’t make much sense so I kept looking for a translation.  On  the germansteins website it says it means “Play and jest kept the heart happy”.

The other one plays “lili marleen”. It has the number 149 also on the tag. Written on the stein it says “einfroh gemut lieb und lied” which translated* as “Einfroh mind love and song”.

I would really love to know more about them. I have tried looking them up and found steins similar to the ones I have over on Ebay . They had slight variations in the color of the garments worn by the people depicted on the steins. I’d also love to know what year they were made and what the sayings really mean! What is Einfroh?


* The website I used for the translations is

the germansteins’s website




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