Frozen and another movie!

It was like a mini Christmas when the UPS delivery guy came! He had three packages for us instead of just the one that I knew about because of the email.

The two DVDs came today.  Olivia and Abigail both got to open up one.  I received “The Beast” which I ordered the other day from Amazon.  Plus, my sister pre-ordered Frozen for us! I kept telling my husband I’m so eager to watch them.

So they have been here for over an hour and I haven’t started any movie just yet.

As you can see in the pictures, the girls were dressed to go outside..  So after opening the mail we all went outside to play some. I had some laundry to hang up on the line to dry before it rains tonight. After playing, we all mosey inside and the girls fall asleep for an afternoon nap. I would watch the Beast while they slept but my husband is taking a nap too.

So tonight, whenever they wake up, we will enjoy a movie or two!



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