Frozen made me cry!

I finally got to watch the new Disney cartoon “Frozen” with my family. My sister bought it for us and she was like the main characters remind her of us. That it would be great for Olivia and Abigail, my two daughters.

So after their naps we all got to sit down, enjoy a tasty dinner my husband made, and watch the movie.   It took us a while to do so with frequent pauses to take care of life.

It was a lovely movie and I cried during a few parts. The first time was when the sisters in the movie were both sitting with their backs against the same door. I really enjoy it for the strong sense of a sisterly bond between the two main characters.  It really made me think of my sister!

Of course I could not watch it without my husband making a World of Warcraft comment concerning the lich king!

We will be watching this movie again tomorrow. Olivia wanted to watch it again as soon as the credits started rolling by on the TV.

Frozen and another movie! *in the mail!*


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