Freedom of Information Day

March 16th is Freedom of Information Day!

What exactly does that mean? Its up to a lot o debate on what information people and government groups collects and shares. What do they do with it? Its also not even just a government concern but also big companies and reporting the news in various countries. One thing I learnt while in college is that what we see in the news in the united states isn’t the same in other countries. Certain topics mean one thing here and its another message there.

Its also very easy to spin a story with half truths and cut and paste data. But it doesn’t mean its true. It why I like to go straight to the source to form my own interpretation.

One of the largest information collection and sharing databases I don’t exactly like but is neat is the google maps.  When it first came out I looked up my address. I was still living in Florida at the time. It showed our pool, cars, everything!  As neat as it was its also scary to know psycho stalkers could get so much information on people! There was a news story about a person getting a “picture” of their now deceased relative from google maps. For me?  That’s just creepy and scary that someone who I never meet or know could see pictures of my family and find my home because of that  search engine!

But sharing truthful information is so important! I think that’s what I enjoy about Bubbles is that everyone and anyone can share their views, experiences, thoughts. and so on.  Sure I might find it boring when an author regurgitates a news article just to post all the “news” stories. But I love reading when people take a news story and relates to it in to daily thoughts, feelings, instead of a regurgitated, poor version of a news article.

Activities to do today

1. Look up your address or destination you’d like to go to on google maps. How neat or scary is what you find?

2. Find a news story written in another country and compare it to your own.

Things to consider?

Do you have an encyclopedia set in your home?


Freedom Of Information Day is Today; Why Should You Celebrate?


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