Free plants and seeds!

While attending the Blue Plum Festival in Tennessee, they had an information booth giving out free plants and seeds! My family received two live plants and an assortment of seeds to plant. I’m so excited to get them going.

I felt terrible about having to leave the girls green houses in Ohio when we moved. There was no room in the car to fit them with the cats and kittens, plus our clothes and some toys for the girls. ┬áSo its going to be a lot of fun to get them in the ground over the next few days. I have a general idea on where they can be planted but I’m still thinking of other possibilities.

I think its great having this big old yard where we can literally plant whatever, wherever! In the city they had such crazy zoning laws on where fruits and vegetables could go. Here in the country, I can put them wherever they will grow the best!



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