Fortune Cookie Day

September 13th (And July 20th) are Fortune Cookie Days!

What are fortune cookies? They are pretty tasty cookie with a little message on paper inside that is usually some positive saying or proverb. They are usually given free to customers at many local Chinese food restaurants in the United States of America.  Fortune cookies are super fun to use as party favors for a number of celebrations. My favorite would be New Years Eve or New Years Day and big life changing events.

Things to Celebrate Fortune Cookie Day

1. Consider making your own fortune cookies as a family! Some fun ides to spin this a little is to write personal messages to tell people of big, new life changing events like pregnancy, new job, moving!  Maybe consider a fortune cookie treasure hunt for kids!

2. A box of pre-made fortune cookies is usually under 2 dollars at most super-markets. Can easily buy one and hand them out during an afternoon cup of tea or coffee with friends and family.

3. Can also read your daily fortune cookie online too! There are a few websites that offer a virtual cookie with a neat message inside.

4. Have you ever received a fun or odd fortune in a cookie?

When I was 21 weeks pregnant with Lila my fortune cookie message was a double one!



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