football game snack ideas!!

The football pre-season has already started so that means its time to test new snack foods for game days! Today my husband and I experimented with some new snack ideas. He found the recipe on facebook and we improvised as best we could as we couldn’t remember the exact details nor find the directions again.

He purchased a few blocks of cheese, packages of the croissant roll that need to be baked, pepperoni slices, and ham.

I cut the cheese in small blocks then rolled it up with the meats inside the spread out and flattened croissant triangles. Olivia and Abigail helped on the filling, its that easy to do.

My husband did fry them in oil so its not super healthy. They do taste delicious! Next time we make them, I do plan to stick mine in the oven to bake so they are not so greasy.

Its what we had for dinner with some home made onion rings I made along with some sliced up celery the girls enjoy.

Other Game Snacks

Sports Themed cookies

Sports themed deviled eggs – can color them like Easter eggs except picking colors for your favorite sports team!



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