Food Checkers! A game idea for a food drive!

I think its so important to have my daughters involved with helping on the food drive for our Outnumber Hunger® House Party. I think its also a lovely idea to really have the guests involved too.

So I am going to run through some ideas to make a game board for a food checkers. I can make the board and some labels of some sort to add to the cans to distinguish between two sides.

It is super important that the labels wont permanently mark any cans that will be used temporarily as game pieces.  The real purpose to collecting cans and other non-perishable food is to have a food drive  and donate them 🙂

so I am thinking pip cleaners will work best!  I can be creative on the labels and they won’t be permanent! just like a temporary ring! ::)

Outnumber Hunger® House Party


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