Flowers in my garden?


So as part of some of my early gardening preparations I had tossed out a bunch of mixed flowers seeds with my daughters help. Most of it, if not all of it, I didn’t think would grow. The seeds were from a stash left over from years ago before I had moved out of state. I just didn’t feel right throwing them out and not giving the seeds a chance in case they were still good.

Below and behold.. something started growing with flowers. So for a while now, I’ve sat back and just left the area go as nature intends. The flowers are real pretty and smell real nice in the evening.

13230891_1106659692706246_1332971647_oCuriosity kept me looking up white flowers and trying to figure out what they possible could be.

Now I’m not 100 certain.. but I do believe they might be┬ápink evening primroses? My search shall continue!



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