Floral Design Day

February 28 Th is Floral Design Day!

78221_300-300x225Do you love flowers? I do! I wish I could find a few around my backyard but right now, all’s I can find is snow and glimpses of mud.

The purpose of today is to turn flowers into art pieces.  This can be done with real flowers or make your own! Whatever the case may be, it can be a lot of fun for you or your family.

I really do love how flowers can bring fun life to every day spaces.  I think a room has a lovely warm personality when there are fresh flowers adoring the space.  This is one the reasons I can’t wait to start growing some in our large backyard. 🙂

Ideas to celebrate the day!

1. Make your own flower arrangement – with real flowers or artificial

2. Turn flowers and hair into some art

     Another Pleasant walk!  (flowers in the Hair)

3. Start a flower garden

    my only rose… (My garden)

4. Visit a flower garden or florist shop. Can’t get out of the house? search online!

5. Drawl and/or paint your own flower arrangement.


Want more ideas and further information about today’s holiday visit

Official “Floral Design Day” Homepage:




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