First visit from the tooth-fairy…

The other day, Livy was worried she had a tooth that was wiggling around in her mouth. Jim told her about it being lose because she is going to be getting her adult teeth in and stuff about the Tooth-fairy. So for a few days, she kept playing with it and Abigail kept trying to find wiggling teeth in her mouth.

Then Livy was chewing on some bubble gum and out comes her tooth!!!

I gave her a little zip lock bag on it with hearts so she could put it in there and not lose it. That night she tucked it into her pillow.

The following morning, she was eager to wake up and check to see if the tooth-fairy did collect her lost tooth. They sure enough did and left her two dollars in its place. 🙂

What did my little sweetheart do? Immediately took one of her two dollars and put it in her still sleeping sister’s hand so she could have it to spend and buy a toy too when it came time to visiting the dollar store.

I really love my girls and how sweet they are to each other.



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