First preseason football game tonight!

My husband has been counting down the days and now minutes, until the first pre-season football game for 2014! Its less than an hour away. Will any of these sports games be played on your TV? I think its obvious that it will be watched here!

2066398210_1381375112I am not a major fan of sports unless I get to actually do it.  My daughters and I did nap on the couch through a number of the browns games last season. But I try to keep busy so I can be awake to keep my husband company during game time. So I usually crochet.  I have been working on a browns themed afghan for my husband for over five years now. I usually only crochet/work on it during a game.

I have come up with a few other sports related crafts to do with my kids. My favorite is the Cleveland Browns win/loss counter I came up with last year. Hopefully this year I can keep putting the balls up so it reads 16 / 0 at the end of the season. 


Full directions on making the football win/loss counter


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