First Flowers in our yard :)

1625526_739168842783171_2478939932035529269_n 10006336_739168772783178_6616351954857308236_n 10014657_739168499449872_6000955898080241935_nWhile we walked today, the girls and I picked up a few purple clover flowers that were on the burns. We came home and I put one in each of the girls hair and Livy put some in her rainbow dash (my little pony main,

Then we went outside to play in our yard and my husband noticed that some of our lilies had bloomed!

So the girls picked a few of them with him. I put a few in their hair and the rest we put in a vase with water on our dinning room table. Olivia is just so happy about her flowers. She’s been wanting to do this since we planted some flower seeds in our green house.

She also took one yellow lily and stuck it in my hair too. They really love to share.



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