First Christmas Gift for 2014!

I received my free Tinkerbell DVD I had ordered through the Disney Reward’s program. When I ordered it I figured it would be great for a rainy day or other bored moment filler. But my husband had a great suggestion. To save it and give it to one of the girls for a Christmas present.

Christmas is in like four months! It definitely does help to save a little bit of money year round so its not super tight come the holidays. We haven’t been able to do that with this big move out of state my family did! It also helps to start buying and saving little odds and ends gifts now so it won’t feel so overwhelming come the holidays.

Instead of worrying about money and buying gifts in December, its easier to have it mostly done by the end of November. That way I can enjoy the holiday spirit of giving, sharing food, watching Christmas movies, decorating, during the Christmas month!

Do you start shopping or saving early for Christmas?


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