Finished the bedroom floor!

I am so darn excited about finishing my husband and my bedroom floor! As far as I know, I have every staple and nail taken care of! I swept it all up and its about ready to start painting. I even sanded up all the rough spots and stains!

I made my bedroom a lovely green when I first purchased the house. I love the color and balanced it out with the cream colored carpet, rich dark wood furniture and trim. I had a yellow, green, and gold theme going for my bed and all of my decorative pillows. All of which is no longer in existence that I am aware of.

My husband doesn’t like the green so we need to figure out a new color scheme to go with. I just am not sure! We never really ever picked out wall colors for our bedroom before. We have picked out colors for the livingroom, kitchen, and dinning room before when we redid the walls at an old place we rented at.

I hope he is excited about this as I haven’t had a chance to wash the days dishes. I literally just finished!



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