filmo sportster double run eight camera

I had almost forgot about this little movie camera.  Its a Filmo sportster double run eight movie camera made sometime in the 1940’s I believe. It use to belong to my great-grandmother. I remember my grandmother talking a bit about the family movies they use to make back then.

I was playing around with it and it seems like all the parts are still working. Though I am no expert. Its crazy how much heavier this item is compared to the movie camera my husband purchased a few years ago. This 1940’s movie camera is so sturdy and heavy, its just like an example of quality and how things were built to last. Compared to items now a days where they make things to last temporary until the next model / update.

They are selling on ebay for a tiny fraction of their original ~100 dollar price tag. During the 1940’s that WAS a ton of money!

July 4th Celebrations of 1947 *family photo*


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