Fight Procrastination Day

14628046_1262447520455298_1705444763_nSeptember 6 Th is  Fight Procrastination Day.

After yesterdays Be Late for Something Day, its probably a good idea to not procrastinate today. Being habitually late on things isn’t always a good thing.

So today is a day to stop putting things off til later. What are some things you tend to procrastinate on? Is it eating right? exercise? Quit smoking? Doing homework or studying? Its very easy to say I’m going to start doing __insert anything in here__ on _insert day_. Then that day rolls around and the new habit doesn’t begin. Its okay, it will be the next day.. and then the next. It just keeps never happening!

The only way to stop procrastinating is to focus on the here and the now. Today! Live in this day! start today! enjoy today! 

What are some good methods to try today to avoid procrastinating?

1. Make a little list of things that need to get done. Highlight the real important ones and start there. Its sometimes easier when you focus on a small to do list compared to a mound of tasks that would take a week to do! Doing a few things each day really does add up in time!

2. Consider habits! Do you or your kids have anything you do every day? Or things you avoid doing but want to do? Maybe its time to consider how having healthy daily habits can be useful to have!

3. Make your own color coded schedule clock!

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