fiesta dinnerware?

I am not planning to buy a bunch of new things once we move. But one thing I would really, really, love to start collecting and picking up pieces are the fiesta dinnerware sets!  I love the whole idea for the different solid colors.  I think so much could be done with them to set the tone and mood for dinners and lunches.

I wouldn’t want to really use them for Everyday use because some of the pieces are pretty darn expensive.  But it sure would be nice to have some really nice dishes to have and use for special gatherings, holidays, and rainy day perk ups.

Do you have any fiesta dinnerware?  I have been pricing it and I think this will be like my big goal / gift to myself when I fit into the next dress size down. But if I happen to find a piece or two at a yard sale you can bet I’m picking it up!



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