Fall leaf crown craft!

a0cbd710f8b2b03ce27810ba83ced04eA few weeks back I had ordered some things from one of the sites / advertisements on the bubbles website. One of the things I picked up was the fall crown craft. it had stuff to make three crowns and it was like 2 dollars. Today I pulled it out to work on with the girls and I was super impressed. It was a lot better than what I thought I was ordering.

First each crown set was packed individually with directions. I pulled out two for us to work one so we could make one for Abigail and another for Olivia. I didn’t bother reading directions but it was pretty easy to figure out. Measure out the headband to fit both girls and then apply the leaves to it. I showed Olivia how to do it once and she made hers and Abbys.

I showed Abby how and she was pretty much just happy to play with the leaves.

I’m happy to have bought the kit and it was super easy for a 2 year old to complete! Thanks Oriental Trading company!



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