Enjoying art time

The girls and I did some coloring and sticker fun today. At first I wanted to clean up and organize all of our craft box and containers. The stickers/paper/supplies stuff was just getting all mixed up. So I wanted to make it easier to bring out one project to do rather than play search and find.

Abigail saw the box with several rolls of stickers and she kept trying to sneak more on top of what I was already giving her and her sister.

Once that was done we all sat down to color and use two of the sticker sheets I bought from Oriental Trading company. I really adore the stickers. They remind me of the gummi bears cartoon.    Just for the record I did not drawl the dragon, critter people, tower, or flowers those are some of the stickers. 🙂 It also says “Enjoy life!   LionPaw”



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