Elephant Appreciation Day!

 Elephant Appreciation Day is September 22nd!

Today is a day to appreciate a fellow amazing animal that still currently shares this world with us!

Elephants are amazing for how much they do have feelings for each other. They really display a good strong sense of community raising the young and being a large network of care for each other. Why? because they take care of their babies when they are in need of assistance (they don’t go get a phone to record someone in distress, they actually do something to help).

Activities to do today:

 1. Do a search on “elephants save baby” and see how many stories and videos there are of herd members answering a baby’s cry of distress to help them! Its not just the mom that runs to the rescue!

2. Do you think Animals have emotions?  Talk about it and research it! On my page about it is a link to a poor baby elephant who cried when his mom rejected them.

3. Ten things you should know on Elephant Appreciation Day: www.learningliftoff.com/10-things-you-should-know-on-elephant-appreciation-day

4.  Do you have any elephant art pieces or statues in the house? My grandmother had a few! She only kept pieces that had the trunk pointing up as it was a sign of good luck and prosperity. If the trunk is pointing down… then its not suppose to be a good piece to keep around!

5. Did you know that the elephant was also associated with the Buddha? Find out why!

6. Paint / color/ drawl an elephant! you can use paper, a cardboard box, or even a kindness rock to share! There are many cute free elephant printables available online too!

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