egyptian hieroglyphics

While cleaning and sorting through some old boxes of mine I found some of my “ancient” Egyptian hieroglyphics cards / stencils my mom made. It brought back all kinds of happy memories.

My guess on how she made them:

She used a poster board / like material and drew then cut out all of the letters / shapes. They are like 1 and half in square cards. She wrote what each symbol meant on the cards and then laminated them all. After that, my mom cut out the symbols again so they were easy to use like a stencil with marker, pen, or pencil.

It was so much fun to use them to write out little messages. My mom was definitely creative and crafty!

I REALLY loved anything Ancient Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and so on as a kid. I still do. So you can imagine how excited I was to be able to write out messages in the “language” of one of my favorite interests. 🙂



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