Candy inside yarn eggs day 1

This past Easter I found a really neat idea for a craft I could do with my girls. It was making yarn “eggs” with little treats inside. It took me a few tries before I got it right!!!

Round up the supplies you will need some yarn, glue, balloons, candy(or toys), and a cup together.


Step 1! Put candy or whatever you want as a prize inside of the balloons.48236_30048488_300

Step 2: Blow up balloons. I didn’t make them super big, because my big ones did not come out right.48750_30049187_30049121_300

Step 3: Cut a really long piece of yarn off and cover it with glue.49723_30050022_300

Step 4: wrap the yarn around the balloon in a zig zag like pattern. You want to cover it all, but still leave openings to see the prize/treat inside.50387_300

Step 5: Leave it to dry overnight/day.

Step 6: pop the balloon!

Step 7: enjoy and give out!

.Its a super cute and easy to do with a toddler or older child. In my opinion they make a cute gift to give out to guests over for Easter Dinner or whatever you might be doing.

Want to see what the eggs looked like the next morning when the balloons were popped?



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