Eclipse 2017!

20915364_1610883155611731_2839507925451112535_n21013623_1564735660231978_1441549789_nI had a ton of fun for the solar eclipse that happened yesterday! I was very happy to have finished the solar eclipse viewing cloaks my daughters had requested. I worked on those Saturday evening until almost midnight. I didn’t want to risk any extra bad luck for sewing on a Sunday and I knew there likely wouldn’t be time Monday to finish. They are my first garments that I have made while using a pattern! I think I did alright!

The girls loved them and are still using them for dress up.

My family and I made 4.5 solar eclipse viewing boxes. I say .5 because for the 5th box it was a smaller box with air holes and a big circle for Delilah to look out of. I didn’t want her sticking her head in a closed box since she’s 1 and doesn’t quite understand the point of it all. However, shes our baby girl and loves copying what we do so I figured she’d like a box of her own! We will definitely be making these again for the next eclipse that will take place in about 7 years from now!

Solar Eclipse Viewing boxes: These were very easy to make! Youtube has all sorts of direction videos too. The supplies is very reasonable and easy to get:

  •  Free boxes from Walmart but they can be picked up from about anywhere, just ask!

  • dark duck tape – which is about~ 5 dollars. One roll made 4 with some left over.

  • aluminum foil which is about 1.50 if you buy generic

  • Black white paper – about dollar and you only need one sheet per a box.

Eclipse2EclipseWe were not among the lucky few to purchase some solar eclipse glasses. I never in a million years thought they would be sold out after we purchased school supplies. I had planned to buy them off the internet but even those places were sold out! Then I was shocked to see local churches were selling them as “donations” for 10 to 20 dollar or more  per a pair. I’m like seriously? a church is making a profit off this meanwhile environmental places were giving them away free? oh well!

Either way, we were among the lucky people to be able to actually look at the sun during the eclipse with some borrowed eclipse viewing glasses. It was a pretty darn cool experience! My husband got this cool picture of the sun and moon together:





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