Easter Bunny Eggs

10175060_741557275877661_4012518576174984727_nIt was a nice day to drawl with chalk outside. Despite Olivia’s boo-boo this morning she was in great active spirits today. The girls were having fun just being outside. We played balls, we en joyed some snacks outdoors, and we all had fun coloring and drawling.

I wrote out the alphabet to work on singing the song and did some numbers. Olivia tried to copy some of the letters beneath what I made. The best part of it all was just drawling and coloring in Easter eggs and chicks.  The purple one on the left is the one I drew and colored in. The one on the right is what Olivia made.  Abigail had fun filling in little eggs and the bunnies.

The girls really didn’t want to sit down for long periods of time. They were much more eager to run, play, and be kids.  On a great day like it was, who can blame them?




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