So I’m a little fed up with drs as of late.

I’m grateful that we are able to take the girls to the doctors. Its not a privileged everyone can do with their kids which is a sad example of where the world’s priorities are at. Nevertheless, the current care they receive is questionable.


For starters… I have already talked about the doctor knowing Abigail has allergies and in the past had bad reactions to getting vaccines in my post “Busy“. Well, in the chaos of that mess in making sure shes okay, the proper paperwork wasn’t filled out for starting school. They said they would mail it. I waited a few weeks since I assumed 10 business days to get anything done at a drs office.  My husband and I have called a few times about that AND the fact that her legs have been randomly going to sleep and are bothering her (I called about the leg issue before the 2 weeks!).  Like she was walking down the stairs and fell because she had no control of her legs. So while leaving Delilah’s last dr visit… I had mentioned it to the nurse, “Do I need to make another appointment for the paperwork or just call again?”. So she took down her name and later called to say, they have no records of her vaccine history.

umm…………. They had it all when they gave her the last round of vaccines and I specifically said hers had been spaced out individually the way it had been done, since she had reactions in the past.

I KNOW they had it and looked it over the day they gave her that round of vaccines. So now they don’t have any of it??? WTF! I’m pissed!  So they can’t fill out the form about her vaccines since they have no records for any of it.


So Delilah is now 11 months old. She’s walking around and has been for some time. Overall, shes in pretty good health minus issues with her restroom habits. Shes had a number of black stools in the past that went unchecked. Like when I called the after hours clinic for the dr they said it was fine and to not save the samples. It was only later when I brought it up again at an appointment did the dr say they should have been saved to be checked for stuff.

Nevertheless the past few weeks have been rather strange again. A couple of weeks back Delilah had another bloody diaper. It was really big and really messy. I hate to sound graphic but it was clearly blood when wiping her behind and trying to get her cleaned up and in a new diaper. I bagged it in a freezer bag to keep it from getting contaminated and the dr was phoned immediately. After hours said to take her to the ER and so I did. It was tested and came out positive for blood but negative for bacteria. So it was diagnosed as a lower gastrointestinal bleed. They said she might have a few more and it would go away on its own, keep her off solids but she could have the baby pures, and to see the dr.  So all that happened. She had 2 more like that and then it got better.

Then she had another black charcoal like one and then another one that was like black tar. It went everywhere except in the diaper. I saved the first one and took her back in to the dr.

It was checked and came back negative for blood.

So she is now finally going to see a pediatric gastric specialist.

I’m just wanting answers. Im tired of feeling like I’m playing a diaper of nightmares game when  it comes time to change her. Like seriously, shes my third baby and the others went rather regularly… she on the other hand, just holds it all in.. holds it in.. then explodes.


So I’m just praying a lot.. that good health and better health will find my family and things will get better.

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