Domino’s New Specialty Chicken

Back on April 16th I received an email that I won a free order of Domino’s New Specialty Chicken! I am super glad I did sign up for that contest thing! My husband also won a free sample too.

So we went to place the order today and ended up doing two orders since there was a limit of one special offer per an order. So in total we spent  around 22 dollars for 2 free specialty chickens, 2 pasta bowls, and 2 two litters of coke, plus delivery fees. It wasn’t worth it. 

Normally their pasta bowls have a nice portion that one can feed an adult and one of our daughters. So I figured two bowls plus two chicken dishes would easily feed him, our 3 year old, our 1 year old, and I. The portions were just not there. What little bit that was in the bowls wasn’t even enough to feed our kids.

I can’t believe we spent twenty-two dollars on what we got and without the coupons that could easily have been over 30 dollars! For that I would rather eat inside a resturaunt with better portions. I can also cook a better meal than what we got for much-MUCH less at home. I ended up cooking dinner for us all since we were still hungry after the little appetizer we bought.

We would have been better off just ordering the free chicken and picking it up while we were out shopping. Then had that as a free snack while I cooked dinner at home. 🙂



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