Do Something Nice Day

October 5th is Do Something Nice Day!

There is so much awful taking place in the world it is very important that some good is done too. So take today to be a day of doing that nice thing you may have postponed a few times. Or just wing it today!

Hold that door open for someone else or maybe get an extra coffee to share. Being nice doesn’t hurt anyone and smiles are free!

Ways to celebrate today:

1. Paint and share kindness rocks!

Want to paint Kindness Rocks? Why should you?

2. Thank people who do nice things.

3. Do something nice for another. Little acts of kindness can have giant impacts!

4. Talk to your kids about kind things they have experienced. Was someone kind to them? Were they kind to someone?

* Picture is of a recent award my oldest daughter earned in school for being kind to a kid in need on the playground. She saw one of her friends scoot away because they were upset over something and she went to ask if he was alright.  I’ve definitely been blessed with compassionate, thoughtful, sweet children. Kids copy what they see, so we should all strive to be the role model we want them to be. 

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