Disney Princess dollhouse

10913168_879692038730850_655332392_nThis Calego 3D Imagination Disney Princess Castle was a lovely christmas gift to my daughters from my sister and her boyo.  Its really big, taller than my two children. Its wide enough that its easy for them to play together or with me. The room detail is fun and exciting. Its made from material easily hand washed since I already had to scrub some marker off it!

My girls have been playing with this every day since it was first set up on Christmas morning (when I took this picture)!

It is meant for dolls/barbies but my girls still don’t really play with those just yet. Its been perfect to use with the girls My Little Pony collection and their big dolls/ carebears. My oldest’s cat seems to really love it too since she will sit in there and use the door to go back and forth between rooms while playing ponies with the girls.

All in all, I really love this product! It would be nice if the doors could close and stay closed but other than that, its perfect!



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One thought on “Disney Princess dollhouse

  1. Author


    January 7, 2016 at 3:07pm

    Almost a year later and the girls really love this dollhouse! They use it very often and its so easy to clean up!