disney princess tent

My sister and her hubby purchased a really neat Disney princess indoor or outdoor tent. She figured since we planned to watch the fireworks at home it would be neat to set up a tent as the kids fireworks viewing station.

It was a great idea! Olivia and Abigail both just love it. My husband put it together in like two minutes. It was just super easy to assemble and i know it will be easy for us to take with us if we do go somewhere or just want to set it up outside for fun.

My daughters have been playing with it since they got it. The tent is very room and can easily accommodate four or five toddlers playing sitting up. My oldest even asked for her bed to be made in it. So currently she is falling asleep inside it.

I am not sure i like the dark strip along the bottom. I put a blanket over it since it just makes me think of a choking hazard cord. I think it would have been a better product had it included a bottom floor into it like my daughters tower pop up tent. This strip has even tripped my youngest a few times when she is entering or exiting the tent.



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One thought on “disney princess tent

  1. Author


    January 23, 2015 at 8:57am

    The strip really could have been done better. The tent lasted about a month before the plastic bar snapped. I tried tapping it to fix it, but it just didn’t work. Overall, it was a great gift and it was pretty. But without a floor or something besides a rinky dink strip to hold the two front parts together, it just did not last!