disappointed enough to do a survey

So we decided to take the girls out for a little bit of social interaction with other kids. Since its so hot out we opted for a place with some air condition. We went to Mc Donalds and got two happy meals and hubby and I split an order of nuggets and fries.

The food was pretty good but the play area was horrible. I know kids can make a mess and I don’t expect Mc Donalds to clean up every mess instantly. But when a worker walks in and sees it and does nothing? That should be a problem.

So we find a clean table (had to clean off the trash) and ate. No one cleaned up the spills around the floor and area. The kids play.  People leave so it ends up just being our little group.

We go over to play the air hockey game with Livy. Abby steps in one of the spills and her slipper/socks get wet (took her shoes off as is required to use the playground equipment). I took them off. The worker came back in and put up a sign for caution/wet.

10 minutes later, he came back in and I asked about the spill. It wouldn’t have been a problem except I / Livy had to constantly walk in it to turn the air hockey game back on. It shut off like every 45 seconds or minute. She really wanted to be the one to turn it on.

He was all ‘they need to have shoes on if they are in here”. Barking it in a really loud yell / nasty tone that scared the kids.

Um, Abby isn’t walking around on the floor. She can’t without falling in the spill. We left and I did turn in a survey. We should have just got subs and went to the park.




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