she was pregnant…

656d5d6794a8b755a01fd9c87b84adabI went to take a nap before going out to dinner. I tried to pick up my all time favorite pillow. It is just so soft and fluffy and I just love my pillow cases texture. Except it was heavy.

I look inside and there is Ponyo all nestled inside. The pillow case was wet. I kinda sniffed it and it wasn’t pee. I assumed her water broke and that she was indeed pregnant.

Less than an hour later she had her first kitten. About 5 minutes after she had a second one outside of the box I made her. She was ignoring it and delivering another. So I did pick him/her up and put them in the box. I think she may have had 5+ kittens. They are all nestled under her and her tail so its hard to tell.

I have ample food and water in with her and blocked the cats off in another room..



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