Depopulation of our Planet

The Depopulation of our Planet has been a topic I have been pondering. I first started thinking about it because of the movie “the purge” in which society supports removing the lives of innocent people during annual purges. I kept wondering what gives anyone the right to decide what kind of life is worth living?

Then yesterday I watched an ancient aliens tv episode that talked about the possibility in our humans history that people went through two near extinction events in which the best humans lived to repopulate the earth with the better gene pool. It also mentioned the Georgia guide stones which also talk about there being a set number of humans for a balanced earth ecosystem.

All in all, it begs the question what kind of life is the life worth being allowed to live? What makes “the best” human?

Do you think you are a life/human that increases the value of “being human” or would you consider yourself an undesirable human that wastes the resources of the earth?

Sadly, I think I am the later though I strive to take care of my environmental impact. I think there are much better humans than I that really shape the earth into being a better place.



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