Delilah’s first Kindness Rock

Delilah has joined in on our painting fun. Usually she sits in her high chair and plays with toys while watching Livy, abby and I paint.

Today was a little different. She enjoys coloring with crayon and being part of the activity.  She also found a lost paint brush when we were all outside playing.
With her paint brush in hand, Delilah got a little bottle from the toys pile then walked around “dipping” her paint brush into her bottle before she “painted” the outside play structures her big sisters were playing in.

Sure it was all imaginary play. Nevertheless she clearly demonstrated understanding the concept of painting. So how could I not let her paint too?

So I decided to let her try painting. The paint is nontoxic.

Plus she’s pretty skilled at feeding herself with a fork or spoon. So I know if she tried eating the brush it would go to her mouth and not her eyes (I don’t want her to accidentally hurt herself).

So.. She tried a few times to eat the paint. For the most part a firm no,  a quick hand to stop her,  and new colors kept her focused on painting her rocks.

I think she enjoyed it. 🙂

I’m torn on keeping or hiding her rock.


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