Day of Sweets 13! cake!

Decorating the cake or cakes was fun! I did butter the pan and put some flour on it but the cake did stick to the pan. 🙁

It broke in a few places so I tried cutting it in half then flipping it again.  One half fell out and broke into two smaller pieces. The other half stayed in the pan.  In an attempt to get it out, I put a spatula under it and that worked to get the larger half out. I put a layer of frosting on all three “cakes”.

Livy and Abby got to play with the two smaller ones. I tried to make a present out of mine. The pink gimis are suppose to represent ribbon. I pulled out some pink round candies and we put those on the cakes too. Abigail got a hold of the Halloween sprinkles and marshmallows so those too found their way on the cakes.

thankfully the cake is in the oven!


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