Day 8: Hot Cocoa Cookies

Our sweets tonight were hot cocoa cookies!  I made them last year but did a slight variation from the previous year. I mixed in some colored marshmallows along with the vanilla ones.

It was both super fun and super messy making this. Olivia was able to open and dump the hot cocoa and marshmellow packets. Abigail wanted to, so I opened them for her. Each time she poured one in she giggled like crazy!

I am so happy we have an easy to use mop and wooden floors. Olivia accidently dropped the canister of mini marshmallows among other things.

I have baked them like 19 minutes and they look raw still. So hubby said to let them sit for like 5 minutes and we will go from there.  I followed the directions on the back of the mini marshmallows canister.


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