Day 5 in the hospital

Going to bed one nurse said Abby would be getting a new iv fluid bag in a few hours. The iv kept buzzing with the alarm. After a few trips the nurse asked  if she could take her iv out.   This is after spending 7pm til 9 pm with the alarm constantly going off and no one was even making an effort to turn it off. Then the alarm kept going off throughout the night.

I am so glad they did take it out! it was being taped together to be straight instead of kinking. They even were using her gown to hold it in place because the tubing kept wanting to twirl up into a knot.  It also had bubbles in the tubes which the nurse said was perfectly normal. I don’t think it is but I’m not a nurse. A paramedic friend of mine also said its not normal.

I want to take her home. The nurse said I am over feeding Abby and that’s why she throws up. She ate less than a cup of food in the past 24 hours and is nursing so/so.  By eating I mean she is literally eating 2 teaspoons of food at a meal. She did almost eat two gram cracker pieces.  as in, break a gram cracker into 4 pieces. Two of those.

I am really hoping we can go home today.

She hasn’t pooped since 7:10 pm last night. Is that a good thing? I just worry because she isn’t eating there is nothing to come out?


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