Day 2: Rice Crispy Treat Ornaments

1908467_859033707463350_3515716211148376633_nTonight’s baking was more or less a little cooking on the hot plate. I made a small batch of Rice Crispy treats and spooned it out into small clumps to let it cool a little and not be so sticky when my daughters got to help. I am still a little leery about them being near a hot burner as they are only 2 and 3 years old!

Once it was all a little cooled my girls got to help me shape them into balls. This was super easy and I learnt this little trick when my husband made some rice crispy monster eyes for a previous Halloween.

I really would love to try this again so we can get more things to decorate these balls with to add more color. But alas, money is a tad bit tight until payday.



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